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Why Wit and Wisdom 4 U ?

What is the purpose of yet another site talking about advice, self-help and positivity? The answer is simple. We possess a unique combination of time, ability, education and experience (from both a male and female perspective) that we believe can benefit others, so why not share it?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

We hope that sharing the research we have done, experience we have gained, and lessons we have learned will help you. Life is not easy, nor is it fair. Arm yourself with positive thinking so you can deal with all of its ups and downs. The tips we share, proven techniques we offer and real-life examples we give are all for your benefit.  They expand upon our self-help book, “Dealing With Depression On Your Own Couch; A Neuropsychologist’s Practical Guide,” in a fun, interactive format. We hope you enjoy it. Welcome and thanks for joining us!

We are going to keep this simple and fun. If you want to feel uplifted and learn a thing or two about how to stay that way, read on, subscribe, and engage with us. We guarantee that our words will have a positive affect not only your mood, but also your life in general.

Our Advice Page offers “my two sense worth” of sage advice about anything and everything we deal with in life, and allows for you to ask us for help with whatever is on your mind.

The Depression Hacks Page offers tips, tricks and techniques to combat depression. It is estimated by The World Health Organization (WHO) that 350 million people worldwide experience some form of depression. With the wisdom of a Board Certified Neuropsychologist, we can help you stop feeling sad, irritable, hopeless and angry, and become a happy person again.

Our Venting Page is a fun outlet for all those things that we need to vent. We will call-out all of the things that irk us so they don’t fester and cause resentment. You can take a deep breath “in with the good” and “OUT with the bad.”

Our Blog Page is an ongoing compilation of all the posts from each of our pages for your reading pleasurePlease check it out, comment, subscribe and share!

Finally, our About Us and Contact Pages fill you in on who all this wit & wisdom is coming from, and how to reach us.

Please read on and enjoy!