Advice On Why You Should Be Good

“Be Good = Get Good”

This is the only advice you will ever need: “Be Good = Get Good”

This is the main message of all religions, spiritual teachings and belief systems, and the basis of all life principles.

It’s been stated in many ways; you reap what you sew, karma, what goes around comes around, the law of attraction, pay it forward, and so many more.

The advice is profound in its simplicity.

We know what you are thinking . . . not everyone that is good gets good, or in other words, why do bad things happen to good people? You have to expand your understanding to the point that circumstances are not always the good that you get. Sometimes the benefit is not realized until after you have been good in the midst of hardship, pain, suffering and loss. “Being good” applies to the way you behave during both the easy times and the hard times. It’s not situational. It’s a way of life.

Being good is choosing right instead of wrong. Scientists have proven that children have a basic understanding of the difference between right and wrong before they reach the age of two. Research has shown that infants between 19 and 21 months can understand and apply the concept of fairness in various situations. We all know how to be good.

Put this advice to the test and see if you get positive results. For one day, or maybe one week, just be good and see what happens. Be nice to people. Smile. Offer kindness and aid without expecting anything in return. Stop in the grocery aisle and pick up an item you see that has fallen on the floor. Stop to let other drivers in or out. Don’t litter, cuss, or get impatient. Compliment a coworker or even a stranger.

Do one, two or all of those small things and observe what happens in your life. We guarantee that you will see goodness come back to you in some way, shape or form. You may get an unexpected gift, a compliment in return or the first parking spot in the lot may open up for you. Something good will happen. It is just the way the world works. You will see. It’s amazing.

Imagine if you were good all of the time, how wonderful life could be.

We challenge you to ask any advice about any topic that cannot be answered by this simple answer; BE GOOD = GET GOOD. Go to our CONTACT page and ask us anything. We will provide real-life examples of this concept in future posts. We will also share some of your feedback to help illustrate the point.

Be good!


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