Venting on The Parent Pick-Up Line, Landscapers & Grocery Carts


We all know that life is not fair and mean people suck. For those of you who have a sense of justice, it can be tough to hold your tongue when you see things that are just not right. In order to keep the peace, it is much better to just let it go. However, if you are like us, it will make you feel a LOT better if you get it off your chest and vent. This is where you can do that. Here are some examples for today.


When you have been inching in line for 40 minutes and the Mom in front you pops the trunk and gets out of the car to load her kid’s instrument and backpack, you seriously want to strangle her. OMG! This is a DRIVE THROUGH pickup line. DO NOT STOP & GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE!

When little Joey has a tantrum and decides not to get into the car and Mom tries to reason with him instead of hauling him into the back seat, you want to scream louder than Joey.  STOP HOLDING UP THE LINE & GET YOUR KID IN THE FREAKING CAR!

If anyone has the nerve to skip ahead and stop in the non-pickup lane to get their kid, it’s all over. !@#$%&*


LANDSCAPERS SECRETLY TRY TO ANNOY US  Mow your own lawns people!

They keep the ear-piercing buzz of the leaf blower going for hours, then blessedly turn it off, only to rev it back up fifteen more times when there is nothing left to blow. LEAVE NOW! PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

They see your clean car coming down the street, but continue to blow dirt, rocks and grass right into your path. !@#$%&*

They park their large trucks and trailers full of equipment blocking off one whole side of the street and part of your driveway, and crank the mowers up while you are still sleeping. Why are you here at 7:00 AM on a Saturday? GO AWAY!



There is always some clueless person pushing their cart right down the middle of the aisle of the parking lot, as if that makes them immune from getting hit by a car. Are you an idiot? GET OUT OF THE WAY!

There are always people who seriously overfill small carts and then expect everything to fit back in perfectly after their items are bagged. Seriously?

There is always someone who fails to push the wheels of the cart over the lip on the ground of the cart corral on a windy day so it rolls across the parking lot into your new car’s door, or someone who leaves their cart in the middle of the best parking spot in the lot. Really? WHO DOES THIS?


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