Depression Hack: Thoughts Affect Feelings


Thoughts Affect Feelings

What are Depression Hacks and How Can I Use Them? Hacks in general are easy tips, tricks, strategies or techniques that you can use to manage your activities of daily life more efficiently. Therefore, depression hacks refer to easy ways that you can use to manage, deal with and eventually eliminate depression more efficiently.

In order to be able to use and benefit from depression hacks, you first need to understand one simple principle; A +B = C

  1. A) Thoughts Affect Feelings
  2. B) You control your own thoughts
  3. C) Therefore, you control your feelings

Although this sounds simple, it is one of the main things that people do not fully understand or accept. Most people swear that other people and circumstances control how they feel. This is NOT true. You control your own thoughts. Your thoughts affect your feelings. Therefore, you control how you feel.

For example, you may say that sad songs make you feel sad. Not true. Your thoughts about the sad lyrics and music affect your feelings, not the song. It may remind you of someone or something sad and those thoughts (your own thoughts) affect your mood.

Here is another example. You may say that your boss makes you feel stressed. Not true. Your thoughts about your boss’ judgment, expectations, demeanor, and actions affect your feelings, not him/her. Your boss does not shrink down to a tiny size, crawl inside your head and push one button to make you feel angry, and another button to make you feel nervous. He or she has NO CONTROL over how you feel. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Instead of getting upset about that stack of work your boss gives you to do, thinking its unfair and fearing that you will never get it done, change your thoughts. Think that your boss respects you and knows you are capable of doing the work. Think that you are lucky that you have a job when many people do not. Think of how happy you are to be healthy enough to hold a job. The list goes on.

Remember this concept so you will be able to apply it when you are dealing with depression. None of the depression hacks that will be shared in future posts will be able to help you unless you understand that A + B = C

  1. A) Depression is in your mind
  2. B) You control your own mind
  3. C) Therefore, you can control your depression

Stay in control. Focus on the positive. More later.

Please note that we are not minimizing depression with any posts on this page. Depression is a serious disease that in many cases must be treated with professional help and/or medication.


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