Advice on How to Deal With Bad People Getting Good Stuff

“Run Your Own Race”

Sticking with the universal advice of BE GOOD = GET GOOD, we must address the fact that some people seem to BE BAD and still GET GOOD. On first glance, we would collectively like to say WTF? . . . but will settle for what the fudge? How can it be that some of the worst, immoral, shameless, evil people seem to get whatever they want? What kind of injustice is that? They don’t deserve anything good in return for their bad behavior, so why does the universe allow this?

Well . . . with that being said, this is where the title comes into play; run your own race. We need to collectively say WHO CARES? If you have witnessed people lie, cheat, steal and generally behave badly and get away with it, so what? That is their life, not yours. You are not the judge nor the jury, and by no means are you the expert on their lives. People can emulate Mother Theresa or the Devil Incarnate and it has no bearing on your path unless you choose to associate with those people. You must live your own life and realize that it does not matter what “good” other people seem to get or how they get it. There will always be people in the world who don’t deserve what they have. Life is not fair.

Move on. Run your own race and let others do whatever their wicked hearts desire. Once again, they don’t matter. As long as you stick to your own moral code, honor your value system, and keep on doing good, you will benefit. Surround yourself with like-minded people who lift you up and add to your joy, and simply cut out the rest.

Here’s a little insight to make you feel better. If you think someone who is behaving badly has it good, look closer. What you see is only the surface, and is often only what they want you to see. What happens behind closed doors? What type of insecurities and struggles are they trying to hide? You will never know, so don’t assume that they have it good. We guarantee their lives are not all bells and whistles. As we said before, life is not fair and no one is immune.

Keep on keepin’ on, and run with a clear conscience and a smile!


3 thoughts on “Advice on How to Deal With Bad People Getting Good Stuff

  1. Teri

    I sent this to all my friends the sec I read it. Some of them feel guilty for dissing our exfriend for dating a guy for cash and showing off all her shit. We all know she is a hoe. They need to cut her out and not feel bad.

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