Depression Hack: Limit Your Alone Time

“Captain Obvious”

This may sound ridiculously obvious, but one important depression hack is to limit your alone-time. You need to avoid isolating yourself from others. Although obvious, this can be very difficult to do when you are depressed.

When you are depressed, you don’t feel like yourself. You don’t have the energy to get out and be around others.  You are not in a good mood. You don’t believe you would be good company. You don’t want people to see you this way. You don’t think anyone will understand how you feel. Etc.

While all those things may be true about the way you feel, being alone is not going to help. In fact, it will possibly make you feel worse. On the other hand, interacting with others will possibly help you feel better. Therefore, it’s worth a shot, right?

You can start by talking to someone right under your own roof. Come out of your room and talk to the people you have been avoiding. They know something is up, and they are probably concerned about you. They may never completely understand how you feel, but it is ok to tell them that you are depressed or sad. Their support can be a crucial part in your healing.

If you live alone, give someone a call. If you don’t feel like talking, let them do the talking. People love a good listener. Their words will help take your focus off of yourself and your loneliness. No one to call? Look online for a reputable chat room, forum or IM site. Be sure to thoroughly research any site before you join.

The next step can be taking a short trip out. It can be a walk or even a drive. The fact is that you are getting out among others. Make eye contact. Nod your head or say hello to a stranger. Those connections, no matter how small, can help you feel less alone.

Finally, work your way up to visiting a friend, planning a lunch date, attending a yoga class or joining some sort of social or support group. Set a schedule to get out and about on a regular basis so you always have something to look forward to.

Alone-time is not a bad thing. It’s good to be comfortable with me, myself and I, but we all need human connection. It’s built into our DNA. Don’t make the mistake of giving in to isolation. You deserve to be a part of this life. Whether you know it or not, you will have an impact on the other lives you touch.


Please note that we are not minimizing depression with any posts on this page. Depression is a serious disease that in many cases must be treated with professional help, medication and therapy.


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