Venting On Being Considerate of Others & Hating on My Pet

“Seriously? 3”

We all know that life is not fair and mean people suck. For those of you who have a sense of justice, it can be tough to hold your tongue when you see things that are just not right. In order to keep the peace, it is much better to just let it go. However, if you are like us, it will make you feel a LOT better if you get it off your chest and vent. This is where you can do that. Here are some examples for today.


Yes, YOU, the one talking & laughing at the top of your lungs in the hotel hallway at 3:00AM. Do you know what people are here for? NEWSFLASH … they are here to SLEEP! Behind every door that your loudmouth passes by, is a paying, sleeping hotel guest that YOU are disturbing. BE QUIET!

And YOU, yes we are talking about YOU, the one standing in the very middle of the airport walkway with your six bags and three unruly kids. Do you know what the walkways are there for?  NEWSFLASH … they are for WALKING! Every person trying to hurry by has to make a wide arc around you. MOVE TO THE SIDE IF YOU ARE GOING TO STOP!

We are also referring to YOU, the one standing right outside the door blowing your toxic cigarette smoke into the pathway of every man, woman and child exiting the store, public building and/or restaurant. MOVE THE HECK AWAY FROM THE DOOR!



Is the fact that my dog/cat wants to greet you when you enter my home bothering you? Do you not like the way my dog/cat sniffs at your feet, bag, etc.? Do you find it unacceptable that my dog/cat goes on the couch/counter? Do you live here? NO … my dog/cat lives here. If you don’t like it, DON’T COME OVER!

Do you think it is silly that I board my dog/cat in a luxury suite at the Pet Resort? Do you think it is ridiculous that I spend ten minutes mixing nutrients into my dog/cat’s food? Do you find it odd that my dog/cat has a giant, fluffy pet bed? Do you think I’m weird because I have a picture of my dog/cat on my phone, in my car and on my desk at work? If so, MIND YOUR OWN FREAKING BUSINESS!

When you see a stray dog/cat do you stop to help? Do you check to see if the dog/cat has a collar so you can return him to his owner? Do you call the local animal control, or post a pic of the dog/cat to help find out where he belongs? Do you beep your horn and stop traffic to alert other drivers that there is a dog/cat on the loose? If so, you rock! If not, HAVE A HEART!


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