Las Vegas Shooting Commentary

There is much to be said about the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas. Our hearts go out to everyone touched by this event. Our site is dedicated to advice, self-help, and positivity, so we’d like to offer a few “words of wisdom” along those lines if possible.

Tragedy is often a precursor to depression, and understandably so. We feel helpless and hopeless, and the sadness seems to run much too deep to pull out of. We want you to know that it is ok to feel that way. It is completely normal, especially after a tragedy or a loss. Go ahead and let yourself feel the pain, cry the tears and express the anguish. It is important to experience those feelings and let them run their course. You are allowed to “break the rules” and turn off your phone, lie in bed all day, eat ice cream out of the carton, etc.  However, just as important as letting depression in to your mind, is understanding that you have to make a plan to let it out.

What we advise is that you give yourself the time to be depressed, whether it be an hour, a day, or a week, but set a limit. Choose a reasonable time to start healing and stick to it. You will obviously not be able to snap out of your depressed state on the date and time you choose, but you can use that set-time as a starting point. Depression can descend on us quickly, but it can be a long process to lift away. Begin using strategies and techniques to heal yourself so the depression does not fester. If you need to, seek outside help at this time. Just make sure you work to let out the depression that you allowed in.  

Once you start healing, it’s common to have momentary lapses back into depression. This is ok too. Let yourself have a “pity party” every now and then, and indulge in the real feelings you are working so hard to block. This will not set you back to square one in your healing process as long as it is a momentary lapse. By this we mean no longer than a day. Depression will come and go. It is how you deal with it that determines whether or not you are a slave to it, or in control of it.

In this time of tragedy, we think it is blasé’ to say “look at the bright side” or “focus on the good,” because there is no good when faced with evil. Yes, we could say that there were heroes and there were outpourings of support, but sometimes it may be best to just carry a heavy heart for a while and focus on healing later.


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