Venting: Rude Texting & Texting for Cowards

“Seriously? 6”

Texting is fabulous in so many ways. However, it is used and abused by rude people and cowards everywhere. There is such a thing as text etiquette. LOOK IT UP . . . LEARN IT & FOLLOW IT!

Do not have a texting conversation while you are having an in-person conversation with someone else face to face, especially while you are visiting in their home or in a restaurant. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE! PUT THE PHONE AWAY & BE PRESENT!

Texting is not warm & fuzzy. CALL IF YOU CARE!

Texting is an easy way to be sarcastic or passive-aggressive. Don’t try to hide your nastiness behind a text. Everyone can see right through it. JUST BE NICE!

Texting is not the way to communicate when you have not talked to someone in a long time. If you truly miss someone, call them up. A call says you care. An “I miss you” text says YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME.

Texting is the coward’s way out when responding to a touchy situation that catches you off guard or makes you feel vulnerable. GROW UP & FACE YOUR ISSUES!

Texting every little thing that happens, the moment it happens is not living life, it is reporting life. Once again, BE PRESENT!


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