Advice; Quitting Facebook/Instagram

Every now and then we come across something relevant to our site that we feel compelled to share. This is the second link on this topic that we have posted. We love what this article has to say  (I also LOVE Reader’s Digest. I have been reading it for decades). Please check it out: via Why I Quit Facebook and Instagram | Reader’s Digest

If you didn’t click on the links within the article, go back and check them out. There are some really great ones. It’s crazy that, “Facebook’s own researchers publicly questioned if the site could potentially be a threat to the public’s mental health…” See our favorite quotes from the article below.

“I don’t care what other people are up to. You do You”

“Ignorance really is bliss.”

“When you leave it (social media) The people who matter will still be there.”

“Most invites (on social media) weren’t sincere requests for my attendance, but a way to boost numbers on event pages…”

“I feel free to live in the moment.”


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