“Advice: Beware of Gossip”

“Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; the act is also known as dishing or tattling.” (Wikipedia)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gossip

Everyone likes to gossip. It is means of social bonding. It can bring people together and liven up any conversation. We have gossip magazines, gossip television shows, and even gossip on the national news. Evolutionary psychologist Frank T. McAndrew says that gossip is an evolved social skill dating back to the age of the caveman. Although it is prevalent and accepted in our society, it has evolved into something that we should all beware of.

In 2018, gossip has evolved from something private into something public. It’s not a hush, hush comment or a juicy secret between best friends. Today, gossip is attainable because of the way we communicate. Judy tells Joe “secret” information about Jessica via social media or email. That information meant for Joe’s ear’s only is then instantaneously attainable to millions of other people around the entire world. Judy’s post or email can be copied and forwarded to anyone else, most likely to Jessica. Even if Judy is trying to keep her comments about Jessica discreet, they will get out. Practically nothing goes without being videotaped or recorded. Privacy has all but vanished. Jessica will find out what Judy said, and nine times out of ten, it will be hurtful.

So, let’s face it . . .  in 2018 if you are going to gossip about someone, it is going to get back to that person. You might as well be saying it directly to their face.  Therefore, if what you say about someone is not something you would tell them directly, DON’T SAY IT.

This goes back to our constant advice to be authentic. You have to beware of what you say about others. Think of the consequences of your words before you speak. We get it, gossiping is fun. It is a way to bond with others and has been since the dawn of man. However, times have changed, and we have to be more responsible for our actions. If something you say has the potential to hurt someone else, don’t say it.

Our world of impersonal texts and posts has made cowardice the norm. If something about Jessica is bothering Judy, she should talk to Jessica about it, not complain to Joe about it and put it out there for the world to hear. Gossip is just another way of doing something bad without direct consequences.

Please read the link above to Wikipedia’s definition of gossip and pay special attention to the following truths.

Gossip is a form of bullying.

Gossip is a coined term for workplace violence.

Gossip is a biblical term for dangerous negative speech.

 Islam considers gossip or “backbiting” the equivalent of eating the flesh of one’s dead brother.

The Bahai Faith considers gossip to be “the worst human quality and the most great sin,” even worse than murder.


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