Venting on FEET at Airport Security


 How long has it been since the Transport Security Agency has mandated that passengers take off their shoes when walking through airport security? Five years? Six? Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone should know by now that your shoes must come off. Why is it then that so many people fail to wear or bring socks to the airport?

Who are these people and why don’t they realize how unsanitary it is to walk barefoot in public places? Haven’t any of these people ever heard of foot fungus? Plantar warts? Athletes foot? Herpes? Don’t they understand how many thousands of gross, sweaty feet are stepping on the exact same two yellow footprint spots in the millimeter-wave scanning device per day?

This is disgusting. These barefoot walkers need to get a clue. WEAR SOCKS WHEN WALKING THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY!

While we are on the subject of feet at airport security, we must also vent about the ridiculous shoes some people wear to the airport. When you KNOW that you have to take your shoes OFF, wouldn’t it be sensible to wear easy on/easy off footwear? Why then do some people wear lace-up sandals or buckle up boots that take a minimum of five minutes to get on and off of their feet? Are these people trying to hold up the security line?



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