Venting on Eldercare

I was going to post a vent on fire ants, because I hate them. I was even going to add a picture of my poor foot covered in bites (gross) because I just stepped in a fire ant hill and was swarmed. Ugh! However, I got all fired up about another topic that I feel the need to vent about; Eldercare.

PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR ELDERS! It is YOUR responsibility to take care of them. They took care of you when you needed it. NOW THEY NEED YOU. Aging is not a fun process, especially when illness is involved. They are scared. They are often alone. They crave normalcy, routine, and the familiar. Most of them DO NOT WANT to go to a nursing home. LISTEN TO THEM. HELP THEM.

Before nursing homes and assisted living facilities existed, PEOPLE TOOK CARE OF THEIR OWN. Why did that stop? Are we too busy? Too selfish? Too lazy?

Would you send your newborn with all his physical and emotional needs to a facility where he would be cared for by strangers? Would you send your toddler there? Why send your aging parents then?

You cannot discard the elderly. They can be a wealth of wisdom. They can be the most loving members of your family. They can be witty and surprising. Yes, they can be frustrating. Yes, they can be stubborn. Yes, they can disrupt your normal life, but THEY ARE NOT A BURDEN! They are FAMILY. They are human-beings. They have feelings as well as needs. Don’t forget that. Listen to what they want. Give them what they want. Most often the only thing they want is YOU.

You may just find that caring for those in need (as hard as it can be) is the best thing you ever do in life. Be like the fire ants, as miserable as they are, who stick together and take care of each other. They even go as far as forming a living raft with their bodies to save their family. 

This is my opinion and it is not meant to throw shade on any eldercare organization or on any person who has decided to send a loved-one to a care facility. I know there are circumstances when this is the best or only option. However, in the cases where there is an option, step up and TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN.


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