Have a Pity Party

Our goal is to help people deal with depression, fight depression, and heal depression. In no way are we suggesting that you should ignore depression or remain that way, but we want you to know that it is ok to be depressed sometimes. You are allowed to feel that way. Whether you have been diagnosed with depression or just feel blue, we want you to relax and stop beating yourself up over it. This is a key factor in being able to accept and deal with your depression in order to get healthy.

Give yourself a break. You must not think that you are bad, weak, abnormal or a victim because you are depressed. You are not alone. One in four people is said to suffer from depression, anxiety, or some other form of psychological problem. To put that into perspective, think of this. If Yankee Stadium was full to capacity with 55,546 people, there could be 18,125 depressed fans sitting there . . . and even more if their team loses. That’s a lot of depressed people.

Once you are committed to getting professional help or helping yourself, start the process of healing by relaxing. Do not stress out over a diagnosis or feelings of depression. Depression is not an incurable disease. It is treatable. You can do this. Unless your depression is so severe that you cannot function, or you pose a threat to yourself or others, we suggest that you allow yourself to experience your depression for a short period of time without any guilt, shame or hopelessness.

Allow yourself to have a pity-party. Feel sorry for yourself. Feel bad. Feel cheated. Feel scared. Feel crazy. Feel angry. Cry. Scream. Punch a pillow or work out to expel your negative energy. Write down how you feel. Write down all the negative things you’d like to do or say on a piece of paper then burn it and watch the ashes float away. Who is to say that pity-parties are not “healthy” anyway? The first step to fixing a problem is often admitting that you have one. Let’s not refer to acceptance as a pity party, but instead, think of it as a time out. Give yourself a short period of time to be depressed. It’s ok.

Give yourself an hour, an afternoon or even a day (but no longer) to live through it. Feel it. Get to know it. Listen to your thoughts. Feel how your body reacts to it physically. Experience your depression with no consequences, no expectations and no judgment.  Lie in bed all day. Don’t take a shower. Turn your phone off. Binge watch every season of something. Eat rocky road out of the carton. Feel your depression.

When you know what you are dealing with and you have a relaxed attitude towards it, you will be better prepared to beat it. Party on!


This is for general information purposes only and is not meant to serve as a substitute for seeking professional psychiatric advice or care.



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