What True Happiness Really Is

Sometimes I will read something that really, really resonates with me and I just want to shout out, “Yes! Yes! That is EXACTLY how I feel.” The article I have linked below, “Is Happiness What We Think It Is?” by Mike Bundrant had that effect on me. Many of the statements in the article could have come directly from my lips.

The author makes the distinction between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is what we get, “. . . when we feel gratified when we get (obtain) something we wanted.”  People are always trying to find happiness through pleasures such as “. . . materialism, financial success, sex, food and other forms of instant gratification.”

Pleasure is not happiness.

Fulfillment is true happiness.

I love the author’s definition of fulfillment. He says it is “…feeling whole, deeply satisfied and profoundly alive. This is not just a just a fleeting feeling. It’s a background sense of ease and aliveness that sinks into your bones and takes up residence inside you like warm sunshine. Fulfilment stays with you through the natural ups and downs of a human life. In essence, it is a feeling of being full, enough, whole and deeply connected with life.”

The article then goes on to describe how we can obtain fulfillment (and thus true happiness) through “present moment awareness and living authentically.”

Present moment awareness is simply living in the moment. For example, putting down the phone and watching the concert or enjoying the view instead of snapping pictures. It is being present in your own life without always thinking about what you did or what you are going to do next.

Living authentically is just as simple. It is, “Awakening to who we really are, discovering our core values, and living in integrity with our deepest nature, rather than living according to what others expect or what we think we must do in order to fit in . . .” I have years and years of first-hand experience in how to live authentically and it is blissful. When you discover who you really are, don’t ever compromise your values or your morals for anyone or anything. Live each moment by your own code. The result is the most freeing, purest way to live.

Please give yourself the gift of reading this article. If you can learn how to live in the moment and live authentically, you WILL know what true happiness is.




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