Depression Hack; Treat Yourself

Do you ever do yourself a favor? Do you sometimes treat yourself to something special? How about coddling? Do you ever pamper yourself? Doing something good for yourself every now and then is very important for your mental health. You deserve it. Everyone should be able to love themselves. Unfortunately, when you feel depressed, often the opposite is true. Some depressed patients actually feel like they hate themselves and feel unworthy of any coddling or treat. They are not very nice to themselves and feel like they should be punished, not pampered. This attitude has a very detrimental effect on healing.

When you are feeling depressed it is the best time to pamper yourself. You should make a point to treat yourself well. Before you became depressed you probably did like yourself. You are still the same person. You still deserve to do something good just for little-old-you every now and then.

Remember, you are not a victim of depression. You are in control. It’s imperative that you learn to love yourself, respect yourself, and help yourself get better. Make it a point to do something nice for yourself once a day, once a week or even just once a month. Smile at yourself. Listen to some good music. Read some jokes and laugh out loud. Eat some chocolate. Take a sick day and read an entire book or go see the latest movie. Buy a small trinket. Plant a flower for yourself. Get your hair or nails done or go out and test drive that luxury sedan. I know you can think of something. Write it on your calendar: TREAT MYSELF, one day of each month or more often.

Treating yourself not only means coddling yourself every now and then, but also includes thinking good thoughts about yourself.

Improving your self-image by thinking positive thoughts is a very important part of dealing with your depression. A great number of depressed patients have little to no self-esteem left. They have developed very poor opinions of themselves. This is a major obstacle to dealing with depression, because in order to get better, you have to want to get better. You have to believe that you are worthy of getting better. There are many techniques to help eradicate negative self-talk that we have identified in earlier posts, such as the thought-stopping technique. Choose a word or phrase to substitute a negative thought and say it aloud every time a negative thought enters your mind. You may have to do this 500 times a day, but it works.

Constantly challenge your negative thoughts and let creating a more positive self-image be one of your strategies. Pick out something good about yourself and focus on it. Say something nice to yourself when you look in the mirror. I like the way my hair curls. I like the dimple in my chin. I like the shoes I have on today. I like the sound of my laugh. Start each day with a good feeling about yourself. Monitor your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, and I guarantee you will start to see yourself in a better light. Never underestimate the power of a good self-image. It can change your life.

Here is a funny example of how powerful self-image can be. There is this woman I know who has a very distinctive nose. As soon as you see her, your eyes are drawn right to the middle of her face. Her nose is odd looking to say the least. It honestly looks like a tiny circle pressed into her skin. There is hardly any length to it at all, as it does not even seem to reach up between her eyebrows. It is a plastic surgeon’s dream, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, she has convinced herself that she has the cutest little button nose. I have to imagine that if anyone ever told her this, they must have said it to make her feel better, because the nose is not attractive. Regardless, her friends say that if anyone ever makes a negative comment about her nose, she just laughs and tells them that they are only saying that because they are jealous of her. This woman honestly believes that her nose is her best feature. Her self-image is incredible.

Treating yourself is just one way to help improve your self-image. If You make You feel good on a regular basis, then You will undoubtedly like You better. Get my drift? It’s all up to You. Be your own cheerleader. Check out the links below for more on how to laugh more, smile more, and love yourself.

Whether you are dealing with depression or not, everyone should mark that one day on their calendar to take special care of themselves. If you do it regularly, you will quickly realize that treating yourself is a small step to improving your quality of life.


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