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Depression Hack; Treat Yourself

Do you ever do yourself a favor? Do you sometimes treat yourself to something special? How about coddling? Do you ever pamper yourself? Doing something good for yourself every now and then is very important for your mental health. You deserve it. Everyone should be able to love themselves. Unfortunately, when you feel depressed, often the opposite is true. Some depressed patients actually feel like they hate themselves and feel unworthy of any coddling or treat. They are not very nice to themselves and feel like they should be punished, not pampered. This attitude has a very detrimental effect on healing.

When you are feeling depressed it is the best time to pamper yourself. You should make a point to treat yourself well. Before you became depressed you probably did like yourself. You are still the same person. You still deserve to do something good just for little-old-you every now and then.

Remember, you are not a victim of depression. You are in control. It’s imperative that you learn to love yourself, respect yourself, and help yourself get better. Make it a point to do something nice for yourself once a day, once a week or even just once a month. Smile at yourself. Listen to some good music. Read some jokes and laugh out loud. Eat some chocolate. Take a sick day and read an entire book or go see the latest movie. Buy a small trinket. Plant a flower for yourself. Get your hair or nails done or go out and test drive that luxury sedan. I know you can think of something. Write it on your calendar: TREAT MYSELF, one day of each month or more often.

Treating yourself not only means coddling yourself every now and then, but also includes thinking good thoughts about yourself. Continue reading

What True Happiness Really Is

Sometimes I will read something that really, really resonates with me and I just want to shout out, “Yes! Yes! That is EXACTLY how I feel.” The article I have linked below, “Is Happiness What We Think It Is?” by Mike Bundrant had that effect on me. Many of the statements in the article could have come directly from my lips.

The author makes the distinction between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is what we get, “. . . when we feel gratified when we get (obtain) something we wanted.”  People are always trying to find happiness through pleasures such as “. . . materialism, financial success, sex, food and other forms of instant gratification.”

Pleasure is not happiness.

Fulfillment is true happiness.

I love the author’s definition of fulfillment. He says it is “…feeling whole, deeply satisfied and profoundly alive. This is not just a just a fleeting feeling. It’s a background sense of ease and aliveness that sinks into your bones and takes up residence inside you like warm sunshine. Fulfilment stays with you through the natural ups and downs of a human life. In essence, it is a feeling of being full, enough, whole and deeply connected with life.”

The article then goes on to describe how we can obtain fulfillment (and thus true happiness) through “present moment awareness and living authentically.”

Present moment awareness is simply living in the moment. For example, putting down the phone and watching the concert or enjoying the view instead of snapping pictures. It is being present in your own life without always thinking about what you did or what you are going to do next.

Living authentically is just as simple. It is, “Awakening to who we really are, discovering our core values, and living in integrity with our deepest nature, rather than living according to what others expect or what we think we must do in order to fit in . . .” I have years and years of first-hand experience in how to live authentically and it is blissful. When you discover who you really are, don’t ever compromise your values or your morals for anyone or anything. Live each moment by your own code. The result is the most freeing, purest way to live.

Please give yourself the gift of reading this article. If you can learn how to live in the moment and live authentically, you WILL know what true happiness is.


Have a Pity Party

Our goal is to help people deal with depression, fight depression, and heal depression. In no way are we suggesting that you should ignore depression or remain that way, but we want you to know that it is ok to be depressed sometimes. You are allowed to feel that way. Whether you have been diagnosed with depression or just feel blue, we want you to relax and stop beating yourself up over it. This is a key factor in being able to accept and deal with your depression in order to get healthy.

Give yourself a break. You must not think that you are bad, weak, abnormal or a victim because you are depressed. You are not alone. One in four people is said to suffer from depression, anxiety, or some other form of psychological problem. To put that into perspective, think of this. If Yankee Stadium was full to capacity with 55,546 people, there could be 18,125 depressed fans sitting there . . . and even more if their team loses. That’s a lot of depressed people.

Once you are committed to getting professional help or helping yourself, start the process of healing by relaxing. Do not stress out over a diagnosis or feelings of depression. Depression is not an incurable disease. It is treatable. You can do this. Unless your depression is so severe that you cannot function, or you pose a threat to yourself or others, we suggest that you allow yourself to experience your depression for a short period of time without any guilt, shame or hopelessness.

Allow yourself to have a pity-party. Feel sorry for yourself. Feel bad. Feel cheated. Feel scared. Feel crazy. Feel angry. Cry. Scream. Punch a pillow or work out to expel your negative energy. Write down how you feel. Write down all the negative things you’d like to do or say on a piece of paper then burn it and watch the ashes float away. Who is to say that pity-parties are not “healthy” anyway? The first step to fixing a problem is often admitting that you have one. Let’s not refer to acceptance as a pity party, but instead, think of it as a time out. Give yourself a short period of time to be depressed. It’s ok.

Give yourself an hour, an afternoon or even a day (but no longer) to live through it. Feel it. Get to know it. Listen to your thoughts. Feel how your body reacts to it physically. Experience your depression with no consequences, no expectations and no judgment.  Lie in bed all day. Don’t take a shower. Turn your phone off. Binge watch every season of something. Eat rocky road out of the carton. Feel your depression.

When you know what you are dealing with and you have a relaxed attitude towards it, you will be better prepared to beat it. Party on!


This is for general information purposes only and is not meant to serve as a substitute for seeking professional psychiatric advice or care.


Sharing Advice We Love

Every now and then we come across an article that we feel compelled to share. This is one of those articles. It includes “6 positive psychology tips to improve your everyday life.” It’s a short 6 minute read. We love the comment by the author that says,

“These tips or strategies aren’t intended to solve all your problems or cure depression. I hope they’re simply a reminder of the little things we can do for ourselves to create more positive energy and emotional well being.”

That is exactly what we strive to do with our blog. We know depression is a very serious illness, and only hope our words can both motivate people to get the help they need and also learn how to help themselves feel just a little bit better. 

Please check out the link below & keep smiling!




Venting on Feeling Not-So-Special in the Media

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone wants to feel special at some point in their lifetime. It’s good to feel special. It’s warm and fuzzy. We probably all remember a time when we felt special, whether it be for an achievement, a birthday, or that one day in elementary school that we got to be the line leader . . . and if you ever got to be on television or got your picture in the newspaper, you felt really, really special. Unfortunately, in today’s media getting that feeling is no longer possible.

It used to be that you only saw celebrities or pro-athletes on television, and you had to do something heroic (or criminal) to be in the news. Now, with reality TV, internet news, YouTube, blogs, and social media, you do not have to do anything special to be in the media. Everyone is in the media.

It’s no longer a big deal to be “in the public eye” because there are eyes everywhere. No one cares if you have your picture in the paper, appear on television or have a news or magazine article written about you. Now it is just commonplace, because everything is news. Gone are the days of being able to have our fifteen minutes of fame. Social media has all but eliminated the limelight and our ability to feel really, really special. Continue reading

Practical Advice on Body Weight & Depression

Unfortunately, in our society, weight is often a determinant of how we feel about ourselves. Body image has become a huge issue in recent years. Therefore, it is often tied to depression. We would like to offer some simple advice on how to avoid making body weight an issue in your life. We will keep it simple…very simple, by using a logical A+B=C formula. However, first you have to understand this concept:

Understand that your weight does not determine whether you are happy or unhappy. You control your own feelings. You can be happy no matter how much you weigh. However, if you are unhappy with something about yourself, like your weight, you can do something about it. This is no different than if you don’t like your hair color. You can change it. You can do something about your weight if you want to. If you do not have any medical reasons for weight gain, you can do lose weight. It is physically possible for every healthy person to do so. Remember You control You. No one can do it for you. You have to decide whether you want to lose weight or not. Continue reading