Depression Hack: Focus on the Good

The world is a hot mess. Tensions are running high, hatred seems to be everywhere you look, and mass shootings are almost becoming the norm.  Why is this happening? Has this happened before? Is it politics, race relations, the distribution of wealth, or are people just reaching their breaking points? Most importantly, is there an end in sight?

Many psychologists feel that society has inevitably brought us to this point through social media/constant connection/the worldwide web. We simply have too much information and too many ways to connect instantly with millions of others. That was supposed to be a good thing, but it has turned into a nightmare. In essence, we have created the hot mess and there is no end in sight.

So . . . What can we do? How can we cope? Continue reading


Advice: The Key to Happiness

Treasure for the Taking

There is a bit of a disconnect when it comes to the things most people say, and the things most people do. For instance, most people say that history repeats itself, yet we continue to make the same mistakes generation after generation. In a similar way, the majority of people will say that with age comes wisdom, and therefore, we should listen to the advice of our elders. Nevertheless, when it comes to actually following that advice, the majority of people fall short. This is despite the fact that time and again, age-old advice is proven to be true.

Most of us like to think of ourselves as unique, but truthfully, we are all human beings with the same needs, wants and desires. No matter what era we are born in, we are still human and the fundamentals of human nature remain constant. We all basically want to have that magic thing called, “happiness.” Well, we have a treasure trove of information available to us about the key to happiness from the successes and failures of those gone before us. We just have to listen to it . . . but for some reason, we rebel against it. We come up with excuses and rationalize that things have changed, and the advice of our elders doesn’t hold true in this day and age. It’s time we wake up and smell the coffee and listen to those whom have “been there, done that.” Continue reading

Depression Hack: Give Yourself TIME

Time rules our lives. We live by the clock, rushing from place to place to get everything done. Time is often the enemy. We never have enough of it. What is the point of being a slave to time? We will answer that question by telling you that there is no point in letting yourself be a slave to time. As we have stated so many times before, you control your life. You choose how to live your own life. Therefore, you can control your own time management. Continue reading

Venting: Rude Texting & Texting for Cowards

“Seriously? 6”

Texting is fabulous in so many ways. However, it is used and abused by rude people and cowards everywhere. There is such a thing as text etiquette. LOOK IT UP . . . LEARN IT & FOLLOW IT!

Do not have a texting conversation while you are having an in-person conversation with someone else face to face, especially while you are visiting in their home or in a restaurant. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE! PUT THE PHONE AWAY & BE PRESENT!

Texting is not warm & fuzzy. CALL IF YOU CARE!

Texting is an easy way to be sarcastic or passive-aggressive. Don’t try to hide your nastiness behind a text. Everyone can see right through it. JUST BE NICE!

Texting is not the way to communicate when you have not talked to someone in a long time. If you truly miss someone, call them up. A call says you care. An “I miss you” text says YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME.

Texting is the coward’s way out when responding to a touchy situation that catches you off guard or makes you feel vulnerable. GROW UP & FACE YOUR ISSUES!

Texting every little thing that happens, the moment it happens is not living life, it is reporting life. Once again, BE PRESENT!