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Depression Hack: Focus on the Good

The world is a hot mess. Tensions are running high, hatred seems to be everywhere you look, and mass shootings are almost becoming the norm.  Why is this happening? Has this happened before? Is it politics, race relations, the distribution of wealth, or are people just reaching their breaking points? Most importantly, is there an end in sight?

Many psychologists feel that society has inevitably brought us to this point through social media/constant connection/the worldwide web. We simply have too much information and too many ways to connect instantly with millions of others. That was supposed to be a good thing, but it has turned into a nightmare. In essence, we have created the hot mess and there is no end in sight.

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Depression Hack: Give Yourself TIME

Time rules our lives. We live by the clock, rushing from place to place to get everything done. Time is often the enemy. We never have enough of it. What is the point of being a slave to time? We will answer that question by telling you that there is no point in letting yourself be a slave to time. As we have stated so many times before, you control your life. You choose how to live your own life. Therefore, you can control your own time management. Continue reading

Depression Hack: Listen to Happy Music

“Captain Obvious 2”

Our first Captain Obvious post noted that one important Depression Hack is to Limit Your Alone Time. Pretty obvious, but often easier said than done. Well, this Depression Hack is as easy to do as it is obvious: In order to feel happy, listen to happy, music. Yep, that’s it. That’s all there is to it. We are not saying happy music will heal depression. It won’t. It will just give you a little boost and make you feel better, which in turn, can help you on your way to healing.
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Depression Hack: Your Reality Is What You Make Of It

“Reality is Subjective”

One way to effectively deal with depressive thoughts is to consider this notion: Reality (the world or state of things as they actually exist) is subjective (based on or influenced by personal tastes, feelings, opinions or perceptions). 

We are going a bit out on a limb here, but stay with us. 

Your reality is what you make of it. A wise friend once said that your life is your own personal movie. You choose what scenes you want to include in it. This refers back to our post on how “Thoughts Affect Feelings.” You are in control of how you choose to deal with life, which in turn, is your reality.

The following real-life example illustrates the point.   Continue reading